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Historic Marker to be Unveiled Honoring Country’s First Volunteer Fire Company

Fire Companies throughout Montgomery County are invited to the 275th Anniversary of the founding of the Union Fire Company in Philadelphia. A Historic Marker will be unveiled and a celebration is being planned at the nearby Fireman’s Hall, hosted by the Philadelphia Fire Department.

When: October 1, 2011, 10 AM

Where: On Market between 2nd and 3rd Streets

RSVP: by August 8, 2011 to

For more Information about the Historic Marker and Festivities – See Invitation – Union Fire Co PA Historical Marker Unveiling

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January 2011 Meeting Recap – County Radio Status Update

The following documents are in response to MCFCA’s inquiry to the status of County Radios which was discussed at the January 2011 meeting of MCFCA. The following documents have been provided by Richard K. Lohwasser Jr., Assistant Director for Technical Services, Montgomery County E.D.S. E9-1-1 (download them through the following links [PDF format]):

MCFire Chiefs Meeting Jan 2011

Fire MCS-MTS Radios totals Sheet1

Fire Alpha Pager Counts Sheet1

Motorola Letters 1.12.11